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ARKHON – an epic tale from the dawn of democracy

by Robert M. Lowry



A fast-paced thriller that follows the fate of a former mercenary who becomes entangled in the overthrow of tyranny and the emergence of democracy in Ancient Athens.


Phokion is given a mission by a dying queen in Egypt who wants to atone for atrocities she has committed across the Libyan Desert. He meets up with his sister’s family in Athens where he is caught up in the assassination of an Athenian tyrant. He must decide how he should proceed with matters concerning his family, his mission and the emerging democratic movement.


Some people do what is right, many

are mistaken and others deceive…

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This exciting adventure weaves together stories from Herodotus with the insights of Homer and Aesop in the telling of a tale that resonates today.


This is an odyssey to democracy;

these are the origins of Themistokles


In portraying many real events and characters of the Ancient World, Arkhon explores present-day issues that include political legitimacy, foreign intervention, revenge, superstition and the manipulation of religion. The drama draws directly from the tensions and discourse that developed around the Arab uprisings of 2011-13.